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Four of the images that appear in the various slideshows below
Four of the images that appear in the various slideshows below
The following is a list of slideshows on the North Mymms History Project. The list below will grow as we add more.

They have been put together using the Images of North Mymms Collection, created by Mike Allen and Peter Miller and shared here with their permission.

There are more than 3,000 images in the collection. These slide shows represent less than 20% of those images. You can buy a copy of all of them by contacting the North Mymms History Project.

Some already appear in articles on this site, but the slideshows are designed to enable those interested in the history of North Mymms, and in specific areas of that history, to browse more of the images in full-screen view.

We also have the North Mymms Pictures From The Past collection which features some of the images in the slideshows.


The 45 listed historical sites of North Mymms
A slideshow made up of 45 photographs of the sites in North Mymms listed by Historic England is embedded in this article.

Brookmans Park roads since the 1930s
The following slideshow is made up of 27 photographs of the roads in Brookmans Park dating back to the 1930s.

Brookmans Park Station - opening and early use
This selection of 66 photographs shows the opening of Brookmans Park Station in 1926 and some of the early rail traffic through the station.

Welham Green and Marshmoor railway history
This selection includes 57 photographs of rail traffic through Marshmoor and Welham Green, including one of a public footpath crossing the East Coast Mainline in 1963.

Welham Green Station construction and opening
This selection includes 30 photographs of the construction and opening of Welham Green Station in 1986.

Welham Green schools - pupils and staff
This selection has 54 images of the pupils and staff of schools in Welham Green dating back to the 19th century.

Welham Green schools - buildings
This selection of 16 photographs includes images of the schools in Welham Green over the last 100 years.

Buses and coaches serving North Mymms
A collection of 56 slides showing various buses and coaches that have passed along local roads over the years.

North Mymms Pubs
This selection includes 53 images of pubs in Bell Bar, Water End, Welham Green, and Brookmans Park.

North Mymms Bowls Club
This selection of 18 photographs covers the activities of the North Mymms Bowls Club over the last 100 years. The club is still going strong today.

Women's organisations in North Mymms
This selection of 11 photographs depicts the activities of the various women's organisations in North Mymms in the late 20th century.

North Mymms Football Club
See how football in North Mymms changed over the years by clicking through 13 slides dating back more than 100 years.

Farming in North Mymms
How farming in North Mymms changed over more than 100 years. These 31 slides show the change from horse-drawn to mechanical.

North Mymms Cricket Club
37 photographs North Mymms Cricket Club over the years including the demolition of the old pavilion and the construction of the new.

Amateur Dramatics in North Mymms
Two dozen images of the various amateur dramatics groups in North Mymms over the years featuring The Mimmers, the North Mymms Dramatics Society, and the WI Review.

North Mymms delivery and collection services over the years
61 photographs of various delivery and collection services in North Mymms from 1900 onwards.

Brookmans Park shops in 1994
49 photographs of the shops in Brookmans Park, North Mymms, as they were in August 1994.

Welham Green shops over the past 100 years
23 photographs showing some of the shops that have served customers in Welham Green, North Mymms, from the early 20th century.

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