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The medieval mysteries and curios of North Mymms Church

The historic and religious treasures at St Mary's church

Photograph of the stoup at St Mary's Church, North Mymms - Image from Mike Allen
The stoup at St Mary's Church, North Mymms
Image from Mike Allen, from the Images of North Mymms collection
There is a sedilla, a piscina, and a holy water stoup, but was there ever a rood and rood screen, and were there medieval paintings on the walls? Local historian Mike Allen has been researching some of the historical mysteries and curios at St Mary's church, North Mymms.

Mike's two documents, 'Medieval Mysteries' and 'Medieveal Curios' are embedded below. You are free to enlarge, download and print the features. If you reuse, please cite Mike Allen as the source.

St. Mary’s Church, North Mymms
Medieval Curios

St. Mary’s Church, North Mymms
Medieval Mysteries

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