The history and evolution of Gobions from 1718 onwards

Scan of a coloured etching of Gobions Canal Image from the former Gobions Woodland Trust
A coloured etching of Gobions Canal
Image from the former Gobions Woodland Trust

In 2000, the former Gobions Woodland Trust (GWT) commissioned a study to "help inform the development of a restoration and management plan for Gobions Wood, North Mymms, Hertfordshire". The resulting Heritage Report was prepared by Landscape Design Associates from Peterborough, and published in March 2002.

Images and maps

The report (embedded below) also had 15 images and 20 old maps dating back to 1718. We have embedded a slideshow of the images, and added links to the maps below the report. You can advance through the slideshow manually. Each map can be expanded so that you can zoom in to study the fine detail.

A slideshow of the 15 images contained in the report

Links to the 20 maps related to the report

Click the link to be taken to each map referred to in the 118-page Gobions Heritage Report, then hover over the map and click the 'pop out' button in order to zoom in to see the fine detail, which becomes clearer as the map downloads.

Online editor's note added April 2018: It has been pointed out that map 15 in the list of related maps below does not show some roads (Woodlands and Shrublands) that existed in 1980, so it is confusing that the map is dated 1991. Also, it is likely that the original is at a scale of 1:10,000, rather than 6" to one mile. We have been unable to find for definite the source from which the map was copied. We are leaving the Heritage Report text as it was published, with just this comment to guide readers.

Partial funding for The Gobions Wood Heritage Study was provided by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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