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Apprenticeship under the parish charities

Scan of reference for Thomas Nott 1916. From A Nott, part of The Peter Miller Collection
Reference for Thomas Nott 1916
From A Nott, part of The Peter Miller Collection
Imagine if your first job depended on you making a promise that, for seven-years, you wouldn't go to the pub, wouldn't play cards or dice, and would stay celibate. Tough rules back in 1818.

This item below appeared in the February 2003 edition of the former North Mymms Local History Society newsletter. There is no context surrounding the item; what appears below is all that was published in the newsletter, but it gives an insight into what it must have been like to qualify as a trades person during the reigns of George III and George IV.

Also below, is a note from the churchwarden's accounts, presumably for St Mary's Church, North Mymms, of apprenticeships 50-100 years later. It seems there were still strict rules in those days. One young woman had to agree to a no-dancing clause: "I shall not attend any classes for the purpose of learning dancing".

I am assuming that the list of names follows the order of: the name of the apprentice, he date of the apprenticeship, the trades person they were indentured to, and their profession and place of work.

Please add any comments if you have more information or spot any errors that need correcting. There is a comment box at the bottom of the piece.

Apprenticeship under the Parish Charities 

From the North Mymms Local History Society Newsletter February 2003

Certificate for William Maple apprenticed to John Tims of Potters Bar from his master stating satisfaction in his work and to say he had regularly attended Divine Service at South Mymms Parish Church.

Indenture for the above made 28th November 1818 between Henry Brown (North Mimms Place), Justinian Casamajor (Potterells), Sir Davidge Gould (Hawkshead), Joseph Sabine, William Charles Casamajor, Edmund Fearnley to the Rev. John Johnston, trustees of the Estates:-

  • William Maple (second part) 
  • John Tims (third part) 

to be apprenticed in the art, trade or business of carpenter for 7 years

not to embezzle or waste his master's goods, not play at cards, dice or any other unlawful games. Not to haunt or frequent taverns or alehouses, shall not commit fornication nor contract matrimony.

Premium paid:- £20 of lawful money of Great Britain.

Tims to allow said apprentice - meat, drink, wearing apparel, washing, lodging and all of the necessaries - allow him (Maple) to come to North Mimms on the Saturday beforeEaster Sunday and allow him to remain till the following Tuesday.

(Churchwarden's accounts) 


George Hill - 1895 - Ezekiel Elliott - Shoemaker, Hatfield

Alfred George Shadbolt - 1889 - George Norman - Head Gardener, Lord Salisbury

William North - 1904 - S. Worboys - Builder, Potters Bar

Sydney Percy Chuck - 1889 - James Gray - Coachbuilder, Hatfield

Frederick John Mayes - 1898 - Harry Burgess - Shoemaker, Hatfield

Edward John Flint - 1893 - G.Elliott - Shoemaker, Hatfield

Marianne Chuck - 1865 - Rachel Groom - Dressmaker, Hatfield

Alfred Groom - 1874 - Thomas Bowyer - Wheelwright, Berkshire

William Want - 1903 - C.R. Fielder - Head Gardener, North Mymms Pk

Agnes Chuck - 1905 - Rhoda G.Austin - Dressmaking, Hatfield

(added to the indenture 'I shall not attend any classes for the purpose of learning dancing)

Maud Louise Moon - no date - Sarah Dunham - Dressmaker, Hatfield

Charles Mills - 1887 - Earl of Derby's gardener

Edith Sarah Hopgood - 1886 - William Steabben(?) - Milliner/Dressmaker, St.Albans

Oliver Cromwell Moon - 1884- Joseph Wright- Shoemaker, Hatfield
(He was fitted out with trousers, suit, 4 shirts, 3 pairs of socks, 6 collars and 2 ties)

Agnes Nash - 1884 - Sarah Dunham - Dressmaker, Hatfield

Thomas A. Knott - 1904 - S. Worboys - Carpenter

Edmund Keep - 1883 - E. W. Howling - Carpenter/ Joiner

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