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Interactive and information-rich

Image of maps by NMHP
The North Mymms History Project has compiled a collection of maps to help illustrate some of the historical and geographical features on the site. All the maps below have been created using Google Maps, and include data compiled by the project, or data freely available via various open data programmes.

There are other maps on the site, but they are scans of historical maps that have been embedded in various articles after the North Mymms History Project obtained permission to reproduce the work.

Old trees of North Mymms

This map was produced using a mix of data produced by both North Mymms News, the North Mymms History Project, a crowd-sourced effort of local walkers, and data from the Woodland Trust Ancient Tree Inventory.

Listed historical sites of North Mymms

This map was produced for a feature on the North Mymms History Project entitled The 45 listed historical sites of North Mymms. For this we used data from Historic England which was a compilation of material uploaded through a crowd-sourced project including data and images from both North Mymms News and the North Mymms History Project.

Pumps, wells, and water works of North Mymms

The North Mymms History Project created this map in order to plot the estimated 46 wells that had served the parish of North Mymms from Victorian times. There is a feature on the site entitled The wells, wind pumps, and water towers of North Mymms. The data was gathered by the project from old maps and documents.

Post boxes of North Mymms parish

This map was created for a feature marking the post boxes that have served the parish of North Mymms since Victorian times. The article, written for the Hertfordshire History Project is entitled Post boxes in North Mymms from Victorian times.

Footpaths, bridleways, and byways of North Mymms

This map of the public rights of way in North Mymms has been created using data from the Hertfordshire Rights of Way map, which is released under the Open Government Licence.

The Hertfordshire Way passes through North Mymms in the south-east corner of the parish. The 195-mile circular route follows Potters Bar footpath 001 north-east from Hatfield Road (opposite Quakers Lane), and then enters the parish of North Mymms on North Mymms footpath 014. It then crosses fields in Little Heath, which are bordered with veteran and ancient oaks, for 1,569 ft / 478 m, before leaving the parish of North Mymms and heading north-east on Northaw footpath 012.

North Mymms film locations

The parish of North Mymms has been used for many TV series and feature films. The Elstree Studios chose North Mymms for several scenes in the popular 1960s and 1970s TV series The Avengers. We have a feature on the site about the North Mymms film locations. This map has them marked. Both the feature and the map will be updated as new information is discovered.

North Mymms Parish boundary

Below is a map showing two layers. The blue outline and shaded area represents the boundary of North Mymms as set on the Ordnance Survey 25-inch map published in 1914, the yellow outline and shaded area shows the boundary of the parish of North Mymms in 2018.

To use the map, first click on the square icon at the top right of the green bar below to view in full screen, then click on the red check box on the left to remove or add one of the map layers.

By doing so you will see the changes to North Mymms, in particular around Roestock and Bell Bar.

Map of major historical bridges in North Mymms

The map below was created for local historian and archivist, Peter Miller's, piece on this site about North Mymms’ major historical bridges. The map is best viewed in full-screen mode. To activate, click on the oblong icon top right of the map to ‘View larger map’. The icon at the top left of the bar above the map will reveal the list of bridges. Click on the name of the bridge in that list to reveal more details. The colours are as follows:
  • Blue = The bridges of Ray Brook
  • Orange = The bridges of Mimmshall Brook
  • Green = The bridges of the River Colne
  • Grey = The bridge over Skimpans Brook
  • Red = The bridges of the East Coast Main Line
The light green shaded area indicates the parish of North Mymms.