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Old maps

The 1896 OS map of Brookmans Park and Water End
The 1896 OS map of Brookmans Park and Water End
Map courtesy of the Royal Library of Scotland
The maps listed below are from a collection of Ordnance Survey (OS) maps which have been curated and digitised by The National Library of Scotland (NLS), and released under the terms of the Creative Commons International 4.0 licence.

Old Ordnance Survey maps of North Mymms

25 inch to the mile maps

We have nine maps in this collection.

6 inch to the mile maps

We have four maps in this collection.

Viewing old maps and modern satellite images side-by-side

The NLS offers a novel way to enjoy exploring the old OS maps alongside the latest satellite images. To do this you have to use the side-by-side functionality. Here's how to do it:
  • Click on the NLS home page
  • Click on link marked Ordnance Survey maps
  • Click on link marked 'Browse all Ordnance Survey maps for a place'
  • A pop up box will appear top left. At the top right of the pop up box click on the 'x' to remove it.
  • Use the 'search' box top left then follow the instruction to "type a modern place name..."
  • When the place you want to explore appears use the drop-down menu bottom left to select 'OS 25 inch'
  • When the map loads click the 'Side by Side' link at the top of the page
  • Another pop up will appear on the left. Click the 'x' to remove it.
  • Enjoy exploring by dragging the map around the screen to find the area you want to compare.

Old Bartholomew & Sons maps of Hertfordshire

We have also added a collection of three maps of Hertfordshire by the map makers Bartholomew & Sons. The maps cover the periods 1902-1906, 1919-1924, and 1940-1947. Click here to view that collection.

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