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Selecting the sites for Brookmans Park’s two schools

Photograph of Chancellor's School and Pine Grove from the south taken September 11, 2002 Image © Paul Large of Falcon Media - permission to publish granted for this site only, all rights reserved
Chancellor’s School, Brookmans Park - Autumn 2002
Image courtesy of Paul Large of Falcon Media

In the early 1950s those planning to build a primary school in Brookmans Park decided Bradmore Way would be a “more convenient” location than land “off Georges Wood Road”.  More than 12 years later the rejected site became the home of Chancellor’s School.

In May 1952 the first four classrooms of Brookmans Park Primary School opened, and in September 1964 children began walking through the gates of Chancellor’s.

We have two booklets on the site by Lilian Caras which look at the history of both schools. They are How Brookmans Park Primary School came to be built and Chancellor’s School the background

For those interested in knowing more about the development of local education we have also reproduced the book North Mymms Schools and their children 1700-1964 by Peter Kingsford. 

Peter also wrote about how the site for Chancellor’s School was chosen for the April 1984 issue of the Chancellor’s Community Newsletter, reproduced with the permission of the publisher.

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