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The paupers of North Mymms Parish

Hatfield Workhouse which later became a military headquarters
Image from the Peter Miller collection

When the North Mymms Workhouse in Dellsome Lane closed in August 1835, a dozen residents were moved to Hatfield. 

Four were too old to work, two were partially disabled and out of work, one was infirm, one had been deserted by her husband, and three were too young to work. Of those children, one had learning disabilities and two were described as “bastards”. All were moved to the Hatfield Union Workhouse. 

The closure was the result of the government's Poor Law Amendment Act, designed to cut public spending on the poor, which became law a year earlier in 1834. 

Details of the closure were featured in the November 1983 issue of the Chancellor’s Community Newsletter, reproduced here with permission of the publisher.

Below the article is a list of all the men, women and children from North Mymms who died in the Hatfield Workhouse. It has been researched and compiled by Mike Allen, one of those responsible for the North Mymms History Project.

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