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From North Mymms News and the Brookmans Park Newsletter

Historical North Mymms tomb engulfed in ivy

Photograph of ivy covered tomb by North Mymms News released under Creative Commons
A tomb in the churchyard at St Mary's, North Mymms, which was listed as a Grade II historical monument in 1983, is now completely covered in ivy. It's not known whether any damage has been caused, but church representatives are to meet to consider how best to tackle the problem. Earlier this month the restoration of another listed tomb in the churchyard was completed. That repair cost several thousand pounds and took two years.

Gobions Wood storm damage 2002

Photograh of the Gobions Wood Storm Damage 2002. Image from the former Brookmans Park Newsletter
On Sunday October 27, 2002, winds of up to 80 miles per hour hit the south east of England and swept through Gobions Woodland tearing down many trees and ripping off many branches. BBC News Online reported on the damage the storms caused throughout the country. These pictures were taken shortly before two volunteers from Gobions Woodland Trust cleared the paths of the debris left behind by the strong winds. The material is from the former Brookmans Park Newsletter

Images of North Mymms

Photograph of the covers and discs for three volumes of Mike Allen's Images Of North Mymms series
Local photographer and historian Mike Allen from Welham Green has been busy collecting and curating almost 4,000 old images of North Mymms. With the help of fellow historian, Peter Miller, Mike has produced four CDs containing their "Images Of North Mymms. Some were donated by local residents, others were rescued from old collections that had not been viewed for years. Thanks to Mike and Peter, these images are available for all to enjoy.

Mimmshall Brook flooding 2000

Photograph of residents of Warrengate Road escaping the Mimmshall Brook flooding of 2000. Image from the former Brookmans Park Newsletter
The following is a selection of images of the flooding of Mimmshall Brook that took place in the early hours of Monday October 30, 2000. It followed weather conditions described as the worst to hit the south of England since the storms of 1987. Some residents moved into upstairs rooms, others left the area to stay with friends and relatives. Swanland Road was flooded from the ford at Mimms Hall Cottages at the south end through to Warrengate Road which in turn was flooded the full length to the cottages at Water End.

North Mymms Residents' Association holds its final meeting

In July, 2000, the North Mymms Residents’ Association (NMRA) folded. It had served the local community since 1929, with a short break for the war. The decision to close was taken following a fall in membership and a lack of interest. The final meeting attracted just four people, including officials. News of the closure was covered on the former Brookmans Park Newsletter, that article is embedded below.

Repairs to Folly Arch 2003

Photograph of the cracks in Folly Arch in 1999 Image from the North Mymms History Project
A large crack was first spotted in Little Heath's Folly Arch in November 1998. By the autumn of 1999, the state of the structure was so bad that the local greenbelt society alerted English Heritage to the situation, demanding action. That event, and how the restoration of Folly Arch progressed, was recorded in the news section of the Brookmans Park Newsletter. News updates continued until 2003 when repair work was finally carried out.

Swan Lodge, Bell Bar, heritage statement

Photograph of the Swan on the wall of Swan Lodge, Bell Bar
This piece below was written by local historian and archivist, Peter Miller, as part of the North Mymms District Green Belt Society's opposition to the development of Swan Lodge into flats. The item embedded in the article is from the old Brookmans Park Newsletters news pages, copied to this site as part of our news archive.

The day Brookmans Park lost its bank

Photograph of Lloyds Bank, Bradmore Green in 1994 - Image from N Akers and the NMLHS
Brookmans Park only bank closed in 2000. The Lloyds bank opened in the 1950s, but closed as the renamed Lloyds TSB on Friday 14 April, 2000, despite a campaign by locals to keep it open. The bank blamed a "drop in footfall" for the closure, although more than 300 local people signed a petition to try to keep the bank open. The village used to have a branch of the Abbey National building society, which closed in the 1970s.

The North Mymms millennium avenue

Photograph of volunteers planting trees for the North Mymms Millennium Avenue. Picture from the former Brookmans Park Newsletter
On Sunday, February 23, 2003, a team of 17 volunteers turned out to plant an avenue of oak, alder and holly in Gobions to mark the millennium. Click here for the story. The trees, six oak, four alder and six holly now form an avenue running north to south across the upper Leach Field. According to a spokesperson for Gobions Woodland Trust, the oak trees were chosen because they provide an excellent habitat for insects, which in turn provide a valuable source of food for the local bird life.

The RVC royal visit 2003

Photograph of the Queen visiting the RVC in 2003
The following is a selection of photographs from the visit by Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip to the Hawkshead Campus of the The Royal Veterinary College (RVC). The day featured the official opening of the new Larger-Animals Clinical Centre and the "Eclipse" Building. This feature was put together by John Fisher the former site manager of the RVC. John also took all the photographs recording the event.

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