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Why and how this site was created

The books and features contained on this site have been produced by individuals and community groups living in the parish of North Mymms in south Hertfordshire over many years.

Valuable information about the parish, which has a history dating back to the Domesday Book, has been curated by the community in an attempt to prevent it being lost and forgotten.

20 years ago, I was given permission by the North Mymms Local History Society and individual authors to reproduce their material online for the benefit of all.

That content was scanned, formatted and uploaded by me to the history section of the Brookmans Park Newsletter  (now renamed the North Mymms Newsletter) to ensure that it reached a wider audience and was searchable.

All that content - about 40 books and features at the time - has now being transferred to this site, with better quality images and presented in a responsive template better suited to mobile devices.

And since then (January 2018) more than 100 new features have been added. Most of them totally new piece, researched and written using archived material which had previously not been available online.

The North Mymms History Project team

These new features are a team effort involving:

Mike Allen, from Welham Green, is a photographer and curator of Images Of North Mymms. Mike has preserved and digitised many pictures that might have otherwise been lost.

Peter Miller, from Water End, is a local historian and keen archivist of documents, images, and anything to do with the history of North Mymms and the surrounding area. He and Mike work closely on the Images Of North Mymms project. Peter is also a keen curator of local information, contained in The Peter Miller Collection.

Bernard Spatz, from Brookmans Park, helps check the authenticity of the material uploaded. Bernard has a keen eye for detail and is always on hand to check the content for errors.

David Brewer, from Brookmans Park, (that's me), set up and runs the site, which includes uploading new content and making sure that what we have is updated when it needs to be. I do most of the writing, so any mistakes are down to me.

Our aim is to ensure that what we preserve is factual, fair, respects copyright and ownership, and is of benefit to the community.

Since the folding of the North Mymms Local History Society there has been a lack of an organisation to take on the work of preserving North Mymms history; our aim is to try to fill the void in the online and mobile space.

Images on this site

A large number of the photographs on the site are from the Images of North Mymms collection, which contains 4,000 images on four CDs. The collection is available to buy.

Images of North Mymms

Copyright and privacy, and contacting us

For our copyright policy, please see our copyright page, and to understand how cookies are used on this site, our privacy page. If you want to contact the site, there is a contact form in the right-hand column of every page.

Written by David Brewer on behalf of the North Mymms History Project team

January 2018 (updated September 2018)

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